Culinary Offers

With great attention to detail, passion, quality and perfection, we serve delicacies that add a lot to your unforgettable event: a rich aperitif, buffet or gala dinner, traditional or funky: We will combine your wishes with our ideas.
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Menu Suggestions

We are happy to be inspired by you and create your desired menu or get your favorite wine. We place great emphasis on seasonal, local produce and do everything possible to cultivate this for you. For this reason, we use products from the greenhouses of the local Winanatura garden, which provides us with vegetables, salad and herbs of the highest quality.

Menu Suggestions


cold appetizers

hot appetizers

main courses


BBQ buffet

exclusive buffet

Menu Suggestions and Info (PDF)


Every good meal deserves good wine. With great care, we have selected an extensive wine list for you. If you need help with your choice of wine or if your personal favorite wine is not available, let us know. We are always happy to help. Enjoy reading the menu and of course drinking!


Selection “Giardino Verde”

Switzerland & Austria

Italy, Spain, France

New World

Champagne & Sparkling wine

dessert wine