Special Nights in the Giardino Verde

Our Giardini offer the perfect location for special events. We have designed three special events.

Three unique events prepare your guests for an unforgettable evening. Conquer our tropical greenhouses as pirates and experience a Caribbean flair with rum barrels and hot rhythms. Or slide into the world of casinos in Las Vegas and play roulette, blackjack or poker and feast from our menu. The third event of this special offer is a hot night in Havana with cigars, Cocotero and salsa.


Havanna Night

Experience a Cuban evening at Giardino Verde. Give your event a special Caribbean flair and swing to hot Cuban rhythms.

Not familiar with the joy of sipping from a fresh coconut? On request, the cocotero personally slices open a coconut for you with his machete. A rich buffet with all sorts of Caribbean specialties spoil your taste buds and seduces you with culinary delights. After dinner, you will be instructed by professional dancers in the basic steps of salsa. Let us take you to the Caribbean and discover the exotic life up close.

Pirates Night

Experience an adventurous evening in the Giardino Verde. Escape everyday life for a few hours and immerse yourself in the life of a pirate.

Ever wanted to experience the life of pirates up close? Set sail and join us on a breathtaking and fascinating journey into the tropical home of the Pirates. On the pirate ship bar you can enjoy captivating drinks. A rich buffet with all kinds of specialties spoil your taste buds and seduces you with culinary delights. Play as a pirate disguised the “Pirate Nutcracker” and smash a walnut on a barrel of rum, go on a treasure hunt or practice tapping a barrel of rum. Hire a classic steel band, playing Caribbean music on steel drums, or request a DJ.

Las Vegas Night

Experience a playful evening in the Giardino Verde. Give your event a special flair at hot prices.

Do you like pure thrills? With our decorations expertise, you are transported to glamorous Las Vegas. You play roulette, blackjack and poker with play chips. A cashier and information desk serve you the entire evening and manage your money. A delicious menu will spoil your taste buds and seduce you with culinary treats. Come to the tropical Las Vegas and become a millionaire.

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Examples of our Special Nights

We have compiled the best images of the three special series for you. Get ready to be surprised.